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How We Can Serve You

  • Increase leadership organizational awareness through simplified communication and ownership.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships through increased understanding of differences in personalities.
  • Reduce interpersonal conflicts by understanding how fear manifests and how it can cause problems in the organization.
  • Empower employees by giving them opportunities for growth, a sense of purpose and significance.
  • Improve morale by learning new ways to motivate and engage employees.

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About The Program

One of the most common problems in today’s workforce is that people simply hate their jobs. Over time as apathy and stress develop, people also become harder to motivate and less productive. Although there are many explanations of why this problem exists we believe the solution is through both inspiration and motivation.

Many people look to the top to guide the organization, however, it usually takes a synergistic alignment of all parts to accelerate growth to reach a vision. Therefore, leadership is not necessarily about followership, but garnering an unwavering buy-in to invoke ownership through-out the organization. Although most leadership development focuses either on inspiration or motivation, we believe leadership requires both. Inspiration comes from within and requires us to feel significant with a sense of purpose. Motivation on the other hand is external and garnered from meeting the exclusive needs of our personalities.

Based on this inspiration/motivation agreement, we have developed three core principles that are the foundation of our training program: Compelling Vision, Ownership, Leveraging Performance.

A compelling vision is about invoking significance and a sense of purpose. At the core of this process is the fundamental questions that develop a framework of guiding principles which the organization seeks to become. The framework is inspiring because it includes creating positive employee experiences and a plan for people to grow with the organization. As a result, it actively engages employees by ultimately defining the organization’s reason for existing sustainably and synergistically aligning the whole organization to a common goal. A compelling vision is essential to perceiving what is possible and taking aim to achieve it.
This component requires everyone in the organization to question why they are doing something and allow for the flow of unrestricted and honest communication. Questioning does not always necessarily mean someone is being difficult, but rather a deepening of their understanding of what is expected of them. Ownership makes everyone accountable because it clearly defines the responsibility of each role in accomplishing the primary goals of the organization. Because clarification of roles and responsibilities is the foundation of ownership, communication and absolute accountability are essential components of this section.
Leveraging performance is about easily categorizing personality structures to understand our individual needs and motivate people by what they really want. The purpose of this section is to cultivate insight as to why people behave the way they do and how to leverage their personality traits for peak performance. Nine personality constructs will be explored along with their stress and flow states.