“Leadership is about having the responsibility to bring out the best in others”

Are You Looking for Ways to Create a More Engaged and Happier Workforce?

Our workshop can help by:

  • Demonstrating how to reduce conflict
  • Providing techniques to better engage employees
  • Linking employee happiness to a more positive customer experience
  • Demonstrating how better communication reduces departmental silos

Manas Management Consulting Leadership Program

Core Principles

  • Developing leaders through-out the organization
  • Pull drivers
  • Significance
  • Quality Questions
  • The visioning process
  • Pattern interruption
  • The importance of questioning why
  • The narcissistic leader
  • Communication in the organization
  • Plan, decide, evaluate, and adjust
  • Why the personality framework is important
  • Personality types, group dynamics, and peak performance
  • The manifestations of fear and how they create conflict